ADHD reWired's Alumni Coaching Community

A membership community exclusively for ARC Alumni. We can keep doing hard things.

What is the ADHD reWired Alumni Coaching Community?

We're building a unique community just for you, the Alum of ADHD reWired's Coaching and Accountability Groups.

Join us to get back on track with your planning with our weekly planning sessions. Take advantage of adult study halls any day of the week. Do a deeper dive into specific topics of interest. You can even add one of special interest Mastermind Groups to your membership. 

And of course, members will have access to interest-based accountability groups.

How does the membership work?

You decide on what tier makes sense for you. You can go month to month, or save by signing up for a yearly package.

When can I join?

Anytime. First-time members can try it risk-free for 1 month.